The Brushy Mountain Peach & Heritage Festival

A brief history of the Brushies

The first inhabitants of the Brushy Mountains, known by the locals as, "The Brushies", were Tutelo and Cherokee Indians, and later, German and Scots-Irish immigrants.

What prompted the fruit orchards?

Taking advantage of the isothermal belt, a unique attribute to the 45-mile-long mountain range, the Brushy Mountain Fruit Growers Association began in the 1920's, boasting of 40 members. While several of the original families still inhabit the Brushies, only a few of the original orchards remain.

The community center and the origin of the festival

In the 1950's, Mrs. Zenna Beshears Hendren spearheaded the Brushy Mountain Community Center as a gathering place for mountain residents. At one gathering, while community members were discussing the history and heritage of the Brushies, the idea of holding an annual festival was born. On July 27, 2019, the first annual Peach & Heritage Festival was held, and drew a crowd of over 6,000 visitors. We hope you will join us each and every year, on the last Saturday in July!